Day 6: This Is Happiness

Cal Pep is the second best restaurant that I have ever been to (the first is Lucius in Amsterdam). Every last tapas (anchovies and calamari, bread with tuna tart, creme brûlée, mussels, cheese bread, etc.) was to die for. If you ever go to Barca, you must go. Prepare to wait in line. I stood in line for an hour after getting there at 7:30pm when it opened. But be strong. It is worth the wait! And be sure to sit at the counter and let the staff decide what you eat. I cannot thank my friend Eliot enough for recommending this to me. 


And that was only part of a really really great day, I spent the afternoon walking the Barcelona beach. If I had to choose only one place to spend the rest of my days, it would be that area of a beach where the sand is firm and the waves wash over your feet (and sometimes even more than that) and the air is salty to the taste. That is the place where I can instantly be in the moment and know nothing but the sound of the waves, the feeling of lapping water, and the beating of the sun. (I had to move up the beach time from Tuesday to Monday because of a projected rain storm. The water was pretty chilly but there is something deeply humbling about swimming in the Mediterranean Sea – that same body of water that many of humanity’s ancestors crossed at one point or another.) Now if I only I could convince the cat that he would like that place, too…

Tomorrow (2015 May 19) won’t beat today (2015 May 18) and there is nothing wrong with that. But some day in the near future will. 

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