Day 5: Flamenco!

It did not seem proper to come to Barca and not see Opera y Flamenco at the Palau de la Música Catalana. The hall is pretty spectacular – not Queens Theatre spectacular granted. The performers did not disappoint. Having recently seen two different ballet events, there were a lot of similarities and contrasts. Of course, the story being told in Spanish meant I didn’t really know what was going on aside from the pretty obvious. It makes me wonder how knowing what the story is would have changed things.

The language barrier is probably the theme of the day as one of the two museums I went to – the Barca history museum – did not have English on most of their placards, which is perfectly fine (although they did not have any audio guides either) but again it definitely changes the perception. Most of the museum is subterranean – like the excavation beneath Notre Dame that one can visit – as it takes you through old excavated parts of the area from Roman times through the mid-second millennium. There is a bowl from Roman times that had reliefs on it (chronicling some sort of achievement). It really makes me want to have bowls that have reliefs on them.

The other museum was the Maritime history museum, which was supposed to be finished being renovated – but as my luck with European museums and renovations (Orsay in Paris, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) would have it the museum was not done being renovated. The coolest thing in the museum was the 1:1 replica of a royal galley from the 17th century. That ship was HUGE. Sadly, visitors could not go inside it.

By the looks of the score, it looks like it is really good I was not able to watch the Blackhawks game.

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