Day 4: All The Noms Are Belong To Me

About halfway through the day, I realized it was Saturday and that the famous Mercado de La Boqueria (a huuuuuge market) was going to be closed on Sunday so I changed my plans and was I ever thankful. Here is a picture of the market:


I don’t actually know how big the market is, but I did eat my way through it: fruit, chocolate, churros, pizza (with Catalonian meat), empanadas, fish, etc. Near the back there was a spice vendor and I seriously could’ve stood their all day. The Indian spices were so amazing! I would’ve bought some but I had no air tight containers and neither did the vendor. The only disappointing part was that none of the fish on ice that I passed were blinking at me (this was not true in Hong Kong). If you value experiencing markets like this, then I highly recommend it, but do remember that the best one is in Sanur, Indonesia, where you can barely walk through because the vendors are so many.

Today’s dinner was at Cerveceria Catalana, which is the first restaurant I can honestly say I would choose to go back to if I ever come back to Barca (as I suspect I will one day). Most of the others I’ve dined at have been enjoyable but not memorable. The mussels in particular (I had the assorted tapas plate) were delightful. My only complaint was the albarino wine – who in their right minds would make a sweet albarino?!

Most of the day before the market visit was spent at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, which is on Montjuric (which has the better views of Barcelona than Sagrada Familia). I did not intend to spend so many hours there but the museum went on and on and one. It is most well known (I think) for its medieval murals, which it rescued from churches in the Pyrenees decades ago and then reconstructed where they had been placed in their respective churches to try to give as much of an original feel as possible. The murals do not disappoint. There was an exhibit on political art during the Spanish Civil War, which was sadly too short (the exhibit, not the SCW).

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