Day 3: The Things We Can Achieve

Housekeeping note: I’ve obviously¬†been derelict in writing each day, which contrary to popular belief was not because I became embroiled in a new Spanish Civil War. However, as I look at my notes for each day that I’ve not written about, I am reminded of why it is important to do this each day.

The subject of this post is in reference to today’s major sights: La Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum. There are lots of reasons to think resources for La Sagrada Familia could be better spent elsewhere — and that is true of a lot of things for varying degrees. It is seriously impressive and literally breathtaking. Two of my favorite factoids: 1) Gaudi never intended to finish it in his lifetime and had planned for it to take generations to complete with each generation adding their own to it (Gaudi died in 1926 in a tram accident); 2) the columns in the building are designed like trees so their supports for the ceilings branch out like forming a canopy. The columns are especially bad ass. Contrary perhaps to majority sentiment, I think the best views of Barcelona can be achieved from Montjuric and not La Sagrada Familia.

There are so many things one could say about the Picasso Museum. What perhaps surprised me the most was that there were relatively few paintings that featured Picasso’s cubism as most of the exhibits were showing works from different stages in his career. Another surprising thing was that there were displays of sketches for Picasso’s “Science and Charity” work (along with work itself) and in many of the sketches the faces were not even drawn out but were rather blobs of paint.

Also, one last thing: Catalonian meat is so so so so great. Nom!

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