Day 2: A Good Plane Ride

Today was the first European day of the trip as Day 1 was spent on a plane. Speaking of the plane, I sat next to two of the nicest people ever. One of them signed me into the Delta club at the Amsterdam Airport as a guest so I got to spend my ~5 hour layover in peace and comfort. The Amsterdam Airport continues to amaze me by its sheer size.

The sun rises over Europe

As veteran readers of the blog know, I find binging on a show I haven’t seen before to be the best way to get through a long flight. This time I chose The Last Ship, which was shockingly good and quite entertaining.

I have to say that Barcelona could do a much better job of marking its streets and making its transportation signs informative. I just don’t understand why if you say “trains this way”, then you don’t have it on subsequent signs so people know where to go.

Much of the day was spent walking Les Rambles, which there isn’t a lot to say other than there is interesting architecture and a lot of stores that it is not all that clear how they do enough business to stay open.

I also went to the contemporary art museum since I didn’t have a whole lot of time before the museums closed for the day and I didn’t think I would need that much time – it is contemporary art after all (burn!). The most interesting exhibit was one on political art during 1970s political movements around the world. There several interesting pieces, especially from Nicaragua and Palestine. And the entrance to each exhibit involved going through a pretty narrow hallway.

Tomorrow is La Sagrada Familia!


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