Day 8: All Warm Things…

There are few sensations that I love more than the smell of sea water, the sound of waves, and a tropical sun beating down on me.

The trip was incredibly relaxing and the kind of trip I needed as 2013 comes to a close. We got to see some new countries and to enjoy a low key week. I also unexpectedly detoxed from caffeine this week as the cruise ship — like many places in the world — discriminates against noncoffee drinkers by offering free coffee but no other free source of caffeine. Dear coffee drinkers, you should show more signs of thanks because people like me subsidize your free or cheap coffee at many establishments. So we will see how the no caffeine thing works out.

Alas, all warm things must come to an end.

Here’s hoping your 2014 is your best year yet and your worst to come.

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