Today we went and saw Grand Cayman’s sea turtles. They were so awesome. They have a huge lagoon where giant sea turtles – around 600lb – swim around. I could’ve sat and watched them all day. It was a little difficult getting good shots of their faces because often some other turtle would pull a jerk move and get in the way. They also had smaller pools for smaller turtles and we got to hold them and scratch the underside of their neck when they got agitated. We also got to see pink and white Ibises as well as some really cool spiders.

The turtle farm also had nurse sharks, which were really cool to see as their handlers hand fed them. At least one of the sharks has gotten fat and sassy! (Or so the handler said.) The pool that the sharks are in is filled with smaller fish, which the sharks don’t eat because they are full from the food from the handlers. I found that quite interesting. Apparently nurse sharks are responsible for the most shark bites, because divers go after them and mess with them, but nurse shark bites hardly ever call any significant harm.

We also got a free trip to Hell, because they put us on the wrong bus. I am glad we didn’t pay to go there, at least the part the bus stopped at wouldn’t have been worth paying for.

We ate dinner at the teppanyaki restaurant on the ship. It was pretty delicious and the shrimp was to die for. Just to die for. Best shrimp I’ve had since Memorial Day 2008. And of course the chef and the cooking were quite the spectacle.

Back to the beach tomorrow!

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