Day 17: Another Journey’s End

After non-routine layovers in two airports and a routine hour drive home, my Asia 2012 trip has come to an official end. The trip took me to six countries (counting layovers and the United States) and will forever be cherished. My thanks especially to Mary, Joseph, Evangeline, and Freddy for housing me, showing me around Hong Kong, and including me in the Bali excursion.

My brain is so whacky right now that I can’t type an appropriate wrap-up of the trip, too many things would be left out. I have a parting bit of advice, though: I think the best way to do long flights is to find a season of television that you haven’t seen yet and watch it. At the least, that worked wonders for me on the return trip. At Joseph and Mary’s recommendation, I watched most of season 1 of The Killing, which I think is so far a great show and is worth watching for the cinematography and art direction alone. Of course, the risk with following this advice is you may end up choosing a bad season of television. Your mileage may vary.

To all those who read this blog, I leave you with my favorite wish for the New Year: May 2013 be your best year yet and your worst to come.

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