Day 11: I rode an elephant!

Yep, you read that right. I rode a Sumatran elephant today! I think this is the only time I’ve rode an elephant. Her name was Nicky, and she was 25 years old. She is almost my age and yet will probably live longer than me (her life expectancy is ~90 years).

It was a pretty fun trek with Nicky, although it was hard to take good pictures because of how much movement there was. She stopped once to yell at a squirrel (or point at one Doug style… it wasn’t clear). Then there was the stop to defecate and urinate. Finally Nicky took us through the wading pool and back to the starting place.

The elephant safari was really awesome. It was started in the 90s and now has 30 elephants – with a baby elephant due in Q1 2013. Most of the elephants were brought 3,000 kilometers to Bali. Crazy talk! It is billed as the best elephant safari park in the world and I can definitely believe it. Definitely the highlight of the trip.

This was also a special visit for Evangeline because she LOVES elephants. She really enjoyed feeding the elephants. Tourists can feed them coconut bark, which the elephants seem to dig. At one point another little girl was there who was afraid of the elephants and Evangeline took her hand and showed her the elephants (that was after openly asking several times why she was afraid of elephants).

The elephant show was also super cool. The elephants walked holding each other’s tails. They sat down and waved. They played soccer. One played a harmonica (so awesome). And one painted. I wanted to buy an elephant painting but didn’t because Nicky’s paintings weren’t for sale.

The safari also had these HUGE fish – known as mega fish. They could be in a horror movie.

After dinner, Mary left to see some night entertainment and Joseph lost his ATM card. So while he looked for it and then called the bank to cancel it, I got some quality one on one time with Evangeline. We jumped around on the sidewalk. We played lots of I Spy With My Little Eye. She was impressed I could carry bug spray, a water bottle, and her blanket all at once. She gave an argument for why I was a girl and not a boy. Then I explained to her the difference between cold and warm blooded animals. Don’t worry – no one had used Joseph’s card, so the only problem is a slight inconvenience.

Only two more days in Bali, then it is back to Hong Kong.

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  1. Rachel says:

    That is so awesome!! I hope you have photos. High five!!

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