Day 4: Hong Kong at Night

The highlight of the day was without a doubt seeing the Hong Kong Island shore line at night. See the picture at the end of the post. It was a pretty incredible sight, and in case you can’t tell from the photo, many of the buildings were decorated with holiday-themed lights (at one point the “r” in “merry” stopped working). There was also a tacky light show that went along with it, which played the good role of providing a guide for when to arrive and leave the waterfront. A runner up for highlight of the day was the Chinese food restaurant we are at for dinner. It was called Din Tai Fung ( and easily had the best dumplings I’ve ever had in my life. Fortunately, there are multiple locations worldwide, including one in Seattle, so I may get to eat at one of locations again. Needless to say, if you find yourself near a Din Tai Fung, it is worth it.

This morning we went up to The Peak, which is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. It provided a breathtaking view (photo is also below), even with the fog coverage. We took the tram up and down, which at one point gets close to 45 degrees! While on The Peak, we had Second Breakfast (in good Hobbit fashion), and I had warm milk tea for the first time — pretty good, but I think I’ll like iced milk tea even more. Afterward, we went out to the Aviary in Hong Kong Park, which is just in the middle of the city. It is amazing how little traffic you can hear over the sound of the talking birds. While at the aviary, I got a weird bug bite on my forehead that felt and looked a like a mosquito bite. But it wasn’t, and after it increased in size a bit, it vanished and was fully gone no more than two hours later. So odd, but whatever.

A funny thing happened on the way to dinner. I said to Joseph, “If you see a gelato place, let me know as that sounds really good right now” (or something to that effect). Joseph looked around and not fifty feet away was a gelato place. It was surreal, but the gelato itself was only about average quality. That said, it was mango gelato with mango pieces in it, so it gets extra points for the mango pieces. The gelato vendor billed itself as the best gelato in HK and also all of Asia. I intend to extensively test that claim.

Once more I nearly fell asleep while writing my daily blog post. I need to remember two key lessons from my Europe trip last year: touristing is EXHAUSTING and to take notes along the way so these posts are easier to write. (Getting around Hong Kong is so efficient that I haven’t had sizable chunks of time on public transportation on the way home to work on these posts.)

A final bit of good news: I was able to wear my contacts today. One of them had become somewhat dried out during transit due to a loose case. Some fresh solution and a few hours rejuvenated it. (Despite — or perhaps because of — packing five days before I left, I forgot to pack more than one pair of contacts. Ooooops.)

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  1. Jillian says:

    Lovely pictures–I’m so jealous! Also, these posts make me hungry. DUMPLINGS!!

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