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Day 23: Journey’s End

After a 28-hour* day, my 23-day European Economic Recovery has come to an end. It was the absolute time of my life. With great travel partners, wonderful weather, and amazing food, I fulfilled a childhood dream. Through all of it, … Continue reading

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Day 22: Smiling Bigly

I helped a senior couple check into their flight. The husband then asked if I was from Seymour, Iowa. He said I look like someone he knew there, someone who also smiles bigly. That made my day. I like smiling … Continue reading

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Day 21: B.E.A.C.H.

I swam in the Aegean Sea today! Yep, it was beach day. I could have done more touristing but I actually like spending a day on the beach. It was quite scenic. It wasn’t the most beautiful beach I’ve been … Continue reading

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Day 20: The Pelopponese

Today I headed into the Pelopponese for the second of the two tours. The weather was gorgeous except there was lots of wind (although not nearly as windy as the first day in Edinburgh [Day 2]). First on the list … Continue reading

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